JMKWADRAAT provides achievement-oriented consultancy for the entrepreneur in the laundry business. JMKWADRAAT is independent and as a result, unique in the world of laundries.

Treatment and vision

JMKWADRAAT takes inventory of all aspects of your management, which results in an integrated recommendation for both your logistical processes and your financial results. The vision of JMKWADRAAT is clear and aimed at improving your business’s efficiency and results. Our specialty is developing a forward-looking vision for the entrepreneur in the laundry business.


JMKWADRAAT has vast experience with:

Budget management
The commercial route
Inventing the flow of logistics
Coaching in financially difficult times

In short

The core of the recommendation work of JMKWADRAAT is calculating, monitoring and mastering the costs within your laundry venture. We of JMKWADRAAT would gladly work and think with you in order to achieve the best results possible for your venture.